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SIA "T.T.R." has been providing sanitation services since 1994 to improve quality of life, safety and health by controlling all types of pests. For 29 years, the local Latvian company has been taking care of the country's population by researching new and more effective ways to get rid of rodents, insects, animals and birds, ticks and spiders.

We cooperate with major companies and factories in Latvia and have long-term agreements for all our services Over the years we have developed a strategy to fight all kinds of pests from which no one is safe, but we keep the price affordable on the market, which can always be negotiated by calling us.

Continuous updating of knowledge, further training and many years of experience in the provision of services make it possible to offer our customers the most comfortable working strategy with the latest generation chemicals, which are not dangerous to human health.

Continuing to improve our skills and to offer new services to the market, since June 2002 our company has been offering fumigation measures to grain processors and elevators for the elimination of grain pests, gassing in various tanks, vehicles and other facilities.
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SIA “T.T.R.”
Reģ. Nr.: LV 40103133509
Jur. adrese: Elijas iela 17, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvija
Biroja adrese: Pakalniņu iela 4, Tīraine, Mārupes novads, LV-2167
Noreķinu konts: LV91 UNLA 0001 0094 69922
Banka: A/S SEB banka
© 2023 SIA "T.T.R"
© 2023 SIA "T.T.R"